Taiyo Asia

Innovative And Non-Disruptive Sheet Piling Works For Your Project

Dynamic Pile Penetration generates excessive noise and vibration while Static Pile Penetration often requires massive rigs which can be at times impractical. Taiyo Asia specialises in Siling Piling Method, an innovative penetration method in construction projects. The method features a compact press-in machine which can generate greater force when integrated on the land and work under physically restricted spaces.

Why Silent Piling Method?


Low Noise, and Less Vibration

The method utilises static load to press-in sheet piles, eliminating construction noise and vibration.
Its compact feature allows for minimising piling activities.



The piling rig hardly overturns and the pre-fabricated piles are pressed in directly, allowing high-
quality completed piles to be built with ease and peace of mind.



Simultaneous use of multiple compact equipment sets significantly reduces construction time,
making it ideal for projects with limited working hours.



Compact silent piling machines eliminates the need to completely close active traffics. Relevant
piles are also produced at the plant for improved efficiency and streamlined on-site operations.


Aesthetic Quality

Highly accurate and high-quality sheet pile walls can be formed alongside the superior qualifies of the Press-in Method. Check and control the performance of piles during construction for the capacity to build high-quality completed piles.

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