Rapid And Stable Installation

HAT-type Steel Sheet Piles feature a 900mm-width, the world’s widest in a one hot-rolled steel sheet pile. They can reduce the number of times of placement from that of U-type steel sheet piles and has a more robust cross-sectional area which can shorten construction times. In addition, HAT-Type sheet piles allow one-directional, simple placements so that construction of high-quality structures can be completed seamlessly even in a limited narrow space of an urban area.

Taiyo Asia
Taiyo Asia

Secured Design For
Confident Operations

One of the common problems in steel sheet piles is the interlock slips which can cause several problems and limitations in operations. A HAT-Type sheet pile’s interlock does not slip due to its location on the outermost side of the wall, allowing for a more streamlined wall structure.

Many Size Variations

The HAT-type steel sheet pile comes in four types of cross-sectional shapes* for you to choose the best and most economical cross-section you need.

*Available in

  • NS-SP-10H
  • NS-SP25H
  • NS-SP45H
  • NS-SP-50H

Looking For High Section Modulus And Durability?