Designed For Durability

Hat + H Type Piling is a highly cost-effective solution for high section modulus and durability. Hat + H Sheet Piles feature the widest U-Type hot rolled sheet piles
available in the market, allowing for higher water tightness and all-out wall strength.

Taiyo Asia
Taiyo Asia

Why Hat + H Type Piling?


Rigid Wall

A large number of combinations of beams and sheet piles allow the selection of the most
optimum section, covering modulus requirements of up to 20,000 cm 3 /m.



The solution mostly comprises of H-Beams, which are significantly cheaper than sheet
piles. It’s also sourced locally, allowing you to save from transportation costs and customs duty.



The wider sheet piles allow for faster installation and ease of fabrication, which can take place on-site or at
a nearby fabrication shop. The welding ratio of 50% makes it sufficient of a pass of 5-6 mm intermittent fillet required.


Ease of installation

The wider sheet piles also allow for fewer pieces to be installed, as well as higher stiffness that
improve drivability. Supply piles for up to 30 metres in length without intermediate joints.

Hat + H Is A Perfect Alternative To Any CBP/SBP Wall

Taiyo Asia is a trusted provider of installation, underpinning and pre-loading works in Singapore, backed by over 30 years of experience in the industry and specialising in the following solutions:

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Hat + H Type Wall Installation

  • Press-in Method
  • Vibration Hammer Method
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Underpinning Works

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Pre-Loading Works

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